Registration Is Now Open!

Hello Lake Winterwood Owners,

We understand everyone is excited to access the new HOA site and we are sorry for the unexpected delays. We have loaded your personal account data back to the date you purchased your home or 1994, whichever is earlier. Due to the format of the data received we are unable to verify account balances are accurate at this point, however we do not want to delay your use of the site any longer so have opened for registration.

To register, go to www.lakewinterwood.org/register and use your parcel number and house number, if you need any assistance with registration feel free to reach out to me at 253-886-0318 or admin@myhoaonline.com. The final stage of the registration process is to verify your email address. If you do not see an email from our system in your inbox, please check your spam filter before calling for assistance.

Once you are registered, a few things to know:

  • Your account balances may not be accurate. Do not be alarmed, we still have to upload credit memos for any charges that were reversed by Oliveira, we do not yet have balances provided by them to verify balances at any given time however the line items should be correct. If you see anything you think is in error, you can contact me at the email and phone number above.

  • Governing documents and meeting minutes can be searched for by key words, for example, if you want to know about rules regarding fences, click search in the upper right of the site and put fence in the search box, all documents online with that word will show up for you to read and the word fence will be highlighted for easy location. Governing documents can be viewed without the search feature in the main menu.

  • Payments can be made online via PayPal; they do charge a fee. If you don’t want to pay the fee you can pay via your bank's bill payer online (usually at no charge), or sign up for ACH (see form in the Finance menu of the site). You can also mail in a check.

  • All the mail we have ever sent to you is available for viewing and printing in your Mailings tab.
  • Meeting minutes and other articles will appear on the home page but when you log in it will always default to your account. Navigate the drop down menus to go elsewhere.

  • The finances of the HOA are accurate in the budget report for 2020 but historical data from 2019 and before is not yet loaded, thus the financial summary will not be accurate until we complete the payables history, so visit periodically to see what has changed as we continue to populate your database. 

  • The site is not yet complete, but take a look through the drop downs to see what is available and what is coming soon as we continue to work on it.

Let us know if you have any questions. We are excited to provide you these features and to continue to serve you in the coming years. 

Best Regards, 

Customer Service
MyHOA-online.com LLC