Lake Winterwood Board Meeting Minutes

Date: March 10, 2021

Location: Virtual Meeting via WEBEX


Board Members in Attendance: Dave C.; George T.; Tom C.; Amanda M-W. (absent Bryan C.)


Guests: Eydie & Michael Leighty (MyHOA-online.com LLC)

General Meeting 

1)      Call Meeting to Order: George call meeting to order at 1900 hrs.

2)      Attendance and verification of quorum: All board members present with Bryan C. absent.  No community members in attendance.

3)      Approval of Minutes from February 10, 2021: Minutes approved.

4)      Voting Report re ratify decisions/votes taken since last meeting:  Voting report approved.

Passed Voting Results (none failed) Report - 2021-02-11 to 2021-03-10

Account Name Issue Date Voted Issue Title
The Lake at Winterwood 11509 2/11/2021 Feedback And Vote To Approve The Jan 13 2021 BOD Meeting Minutes
The Lake at Winterwood 11690 3/7/2021 Vote To Change Amfam Policy To New Fusion Coverage--$1K Premium Savings Approx. Per Yr.
The Lake at Winterwood 11712 3/8/2021 ACC Window Replacement
The Lake at Winterwood 11703 3/10/2021 Vote On Reply To Easter Egg Hunt Inquiry 2021
The Lake at Winterwood 11710 3/10/2021 ACC Siding Replacement
The Lake at Winterwood 11711 3/10/2021 ACC Replacing 3 Garage Doors
The Lake at Winterwood 11647 3/10/2021 General Meeting Minutes 021021 For Review And Approval
The Lake at Winterwood 11648 3/10/2021 Exec Session Minutes For Review And Approval 021021

5)      Financial Review January Statement:

§  Income/Dues Delinquencies: the previous discussion covered dues income and delinquencies with no major concerns identified. 

§  Expenses: Overages and variances briefly discussed with no major issues identified other than a concern of the expense shown in the expense report for the Rip Rap Project showing overage of $3,804.  Eydie explained that the expense will be offset next month by the previously authorized transfer from the Reserves Savings.   Eydie also explained that the expenses for the LWW Insurance Premium show higher than actual since the board previously decided to switch to a new lower cost premium.  The difference in the savings will be credited back to us.  Eydie will also look at the P&L Report to take out the Reserves Account interest beginning next month.  

6)      Old Business:

§  Activity by cul-de-sac next to big lake: Tom C. explained that it has been 91 days since hearing anything from the City of Covington on his earlier inquiry concerning possibly closing access to that dead end or otherwise limiting access to that portion of the street.  Also, briefly discussed the loud noise disturbances or loud booms reported by a homeowner in that general vicinity.  In any case, the board has decided that the HOA has no authority to police that sort of disturbance.  It would be strictly a police matter.

§  Status of Big Lake noxious weed removal and shoreline reclamation: no new updates currently.

§  Review CD/Savings investment of Reserves funds: no activity yet.  Matter was pushed out to the April meeting.  Bryan C. would need to reach out to Edward Jones for follow-up

§  Reviewed Issues Report and closed out several issues.  

7)      New Business

§  Muskrat Observed at Big Lake: no action taken at this time.

§  Weed control in ditches by Earthworks: earlier cost quoted by Earthworks of $800 per application but no action taken yet.  Tom will follow-up Darren/Doug to see of anything at all can be done about the algae growing in some of the ditches.

§  Drainage problem in large grass area adjacent to the Big Lake: The board will exam possible solutions to bad drainage issues/mud in this area.  May lead to drain installation.     

8)      Next BOD Meeting: Scheduled for April 14, 2021 to be conducted virtually via WEBEX

Tom C. will not be able to attend but will write a summary for reporting purposes.