Lake Winterwood BoD Monthly Meeting Minutes

February 10 2021

General Meeting

1) Call Meeting to Order (George T.)

2) Attendance and verification of quorum

Board: George T, Dave C, Bryan C

Management: Eydie L

Guests: Liz C, Amanda M

Started with Amanda chatting about her interest in joining the board; she indicated she is interested, would like to sit through tonight’s meeting before committing;

3) Approval of Minutes from January 13th, 2021

o   Ratify January Executive and General Session Minutes; all approved;

4) Financial Review January statement:

  • Income/Dues delinquencies
    • There are 9 residents behind, two are more than two months; notices have been sent in January, the process is being followed;
  • Expenses: 
    • Move expense for lighting upgrade project competed in January to reserves;
    • Operating expenses are below budget in January after lighting project expense is reallocated to reserves;
    • Need to follow up with Earthworks regarding 2021 contract, no change in price from 2020; Bryan will follow up;
  • Reserve Balance: $64,296

5) Old Business

  • Tom: Activity by cul-de-sac next to big lake-will follow up; Tom not at tonight’s meeting
  • Status of Big Lake noxious weed removal and shoreline reclamation-Bryan working on scope of work 
  • Voting Report; ratify votes made since last meeting; all approved;

    • Passed Voting Results Report - 2021-01-14 to 2021-02-10
      Account Name Issue Date Voted Issue Title
      The Lake at Winterwood 11506 1/21/2021 Draft Response To Owner
      The Lake at Winterwood 11522 1/23/2021 Request For Use Of Common Area For Photo Shoot
      The Lake at Winterwood 11477 1/27/2021 Reply To Owner Regarding RV Rules Determination-Postcard Verbiage
      The Lake at Winterwood 11611 2/9/2021 Fence Addition--Horizontal Planks
      The Lake at Winterwood 11510 2/10/2021 Review And Vote To Approve Exec Session Meeting Minutes Jan 13 2021
      The Lake at Winterwood 11505 2/10/2021 Vote For Rip Rap Project Earthworks $3910
      The Lake at Winterwood 11614 2/10/2021 Rental Rules Inquiry--Wants To Rent Out Home For 12 Months
      The Lake at Winterwood 11501 2/10/2021 Nominations For Soon To Be Open Board Position--Amanda Montoya Nomination

  • Lights by big lake replaced with LED fixtures completed by Fuller Electric; using reserve funds to cover expense voted on and approved by board
  • Rip rap rock project on small lake completed by Earthworks; proposal to use reserve funds to cover expense since lakes are in the reserve study; all voted to approve;
  • George mentioned that the new lights replaced are not as bright as the old ones, this can be changed down the road if we decide we want to;
  • George described that 50% of the reserve funds that are invested and earning interest, not locked up or restricted so the board has access to it if or when needed. George will continue to research better rate of return opportunities;

6) New Business

  • Vote:  Amanda M as board member to replace Ben M; Amanda indicated she is interested in joining the board; Dave nominated her as potential board member; motion seconded, all voted to approve. Welcome Amanda!
  • Bryan nominated for treasurer position, seconded, all approved;
  • Amanda will be a director at large;


7) Next BoD Meeting: Wednesday March 10th, 6:30pm executive, 7pm general session.

8) Motion to Adjourn Regular Meeting, seconded, approved;