Lake Winterwood BOD Monthly Meeting Minutes

April 14 2021


General Meeting

1) Call Meeting to Order (George T.)

2) Attendance and verification of quorum: George T, Tom C, Amanda M, Dave C

management: Eydie L

3) Approval of Minutes from March 10, 2021 BoD meeting; exec session approved by all;

general session meeting: all approved

4) Voting Report; ratify decisions/votes taken since last meeting; all voted to ratify from March 11th meeting through tonight's meeting

Passed (there were none that failed) Voting Results Report - 2021-03-11 to 2021-04-14

Account Name Issue Date Voted Issue Title
The Lake at Winterwood 11738 3/12/2021 ACC Replace Stucco With Hardiepalnk And Paint Same Color, Trim A Little Darker
The Lake at Winterwood 11742 3/20/2021 ACC Landscape And Walkway Redesign Front Yard
The Lake at Winterwood 11781 4/12/2021 Vote For Nw Aquatics To Treat Ditch Algae $800 Plus Tax
The Lake at Winterwood 11847 4/14/2021 ACC Additional Landscape Changes Amended
The Lake at Winterwood 11848 4/14/2021 ACC Paint Color Change Request
The Lake at Winterwood 11739 4/14/2021 March 2021 Meeting Minutes For Board Review
The Lake at Winterwood 11874 4/14/2021 Vote To Approve 2021 Season Start Up Repairs Earthworks $230 Plus Tax

5) Financial Review March statement:

  • Income/Dues delinquencies
  • Expenses
    • In line with budget once $1,100 is deducted for reserves savings, PayPal and ach fees off set in the revenue section
  • Reserve Balance as of 4/14: $60,970 ($45,008 invested, 15,962 savings)
  • Cash balance as of 4/14: $34,003

6) Old Business

  • Tom: Activity by cul-de-sac next to big lake next steps? Tom working on a meeting with the city and county to talk about gating the road leading up to the cul de sac or take some action to control the partying activity there; discussed potential security being hired, Eydie will get back to us on security firm she uses in other HOA's, perhaps three nights a week
  • Status of Big Lake noxious weed removal and shoreline reclamation - Bryan working on contractors, George mentioned that a new city person stopped by his house and discussed the greenbelt drainage and trees; more to follow;
  • Review CD/Savings investment of reserve funds

7) New Business

  • Repairs to sprinkler system at front of neighborhood - Tom, all approved in issues system;
  • Trees growing over neighbor's properties, review walk around - Dave, matter reviewed during executive session;
  • Muskrat observed at big lake - Tom, one sighting so far, no action to be taken at this time;
  • Weed control in ditches by Earthworks - Tom; bid of $800 per application, about 4x per year, contact chemical to kill weeds; Tom will obtain a written detailed proposal from Earthworks;
  • George to put something in the newsletter regarding homeowners cleaning up ditches; 
  • Algae from ditches flowing to small lake - Tom, all approved via email; discussed, Tom mentioned that the lake looks fine right now, board decided to postpone this for now;
  • Issue of lawn around the gazebo, very bad this year with water and mud, water is not draining; discussed finding someone to give us guidance on options  to resolve the problem; Tom will do some research and get back to us;
8) Next BoD Meeting: Wednesday May 12th;

9) Motion to Adjourn Regular Meeting, motion passed, meeting adjourned;