Lake Winterwood BoD Meeting Minutes

Dec. 9th, 2020

General Meeting

Attendance: George T, Bryan C, Dave C, Ben M, Tom C, Liz C, Dwight M,

Management: Eydie L

1) Call Meeting to Order (George T.)

2) Attendance and verification of quorum:

·      Quorum is present and verified

3) Approval General and Executive Session Minutes from November 11th:  

·      motion to approve, seconded, all approved.

4) Financial Review October statement, Ben:

·      Ben reviewed interest rates on invested portion of the reserve fund; interest rates are going up, may be an opportunity to move to a higher interest rate. Ben will send the proposal from Edward Jones for the board to review;

  • Income/Dues delinquencies: 6 are delinquent, of those 4 owe only for November, the other two have received notifications; notices will be sent by the 15th if necessary;
    • Tom and George to reduce the run time on the big lake fountain for the winter to reduce electricity expense;
  • Expenses: no unusual expenses for November, within budget for the month. Forecasted to be below budget for the year primarily due to reduced insurance cost.
  • Reserve Balance 11/30/2020: $61,260.54

5) Old Business

  • Tom: Activity by cul-de-sac next to big lake: letter sent to the city as approved; haven’t received a response, may not get a reply until after the first of the year;
  • Tom, Bryan reviewed bids to add rock to small lake shoreline behind lot 69 and remove blackberries behind lot 81; big lake clear swale area below weir, Bryan will work on obtaining a 2nd bid for the rock project; George will send out an email to the neighborhood for some volunteers to help clear the area down stream from the weir; no bids approved at this time.
  • Eydie: Voting Report; motion to approve votes taken outside the regular meeting, seconded, all approved.

    Voting Results Report - 2020-11-12 to 2020-12-09
    Account Name Issue Date Voted Issue Title
    The Lake at Winterwood 11293 11/17/2020 Event Funds Vote To Use To Decorate Gazebo For Holidays $300
    The Lake at Winterwood 11269 11/17/2020 Meeting Minutes From Nov 11 2020 For Board Approval
    The Lake at Winterwood 11292 12/9/2020 Reserve Study Recommended Changes

6) New Business

  • Reserve Study: board has reviewed and approved reserve study analysis with recommended adjustments and corrections prepared by George; next step, contact CEDCORE to review and apply changes. George to contact them to make the necessary changes;
  • Discussion regarding long term project at big lake of removing noxious weeds, blackberries as required by the city’s 2019 report. Depending on the cost we could spread the project out for several years, the city would be fine with this as long as we are making progress. Bryan and Tom to develop a scope of work to begin obtaining bids for the work.
  • Eydie, motion to reimburse Lou Tantzen for the decorations of the gazebo, $306; seconded and approved.
  • Homeowner Dwight M: question: Is there a policy or guidelines for RV parking in driveways? He suggested a 3 day limit for RV’s, boats and trailers when parked in driveways. There has been guidance developed in the past.  The board will research and respond.
  • Homeowner Dwight M: asked again about the tree on the edge of the small lake behind his house. He sent a written request to the board several weeks ago asking for an arborist to look at the tree he believes should be removed. After looking at the tree, the board responded that if it fell it would most likely fall into the lake and did not present a danger to property, nor does not seem likely to fall  as it is well rooted. For this reason the board decided not to spend money to hire an arborist to look at it. He wrote back disagreeing with the board’s decision. The board closed the matter. After asking the same question again at tonight’s meeting, the board reiterated it’s decision and that the matter is closed. He said he would hire an arborist at his expense to look at the tree.

7) Next BoD Meeting: Wednesday January 13th, 2021.

8) Motion to Adjourn Regular Meeting; seconded and approved.