Lake Winterwood BoD Monthly Meeting Minutes

Nov. 11, 2020

Executive Session (Board Members only)


General Meeting

1) Call Meeting to Order (George T.)

2) Attendance and verification of quorum

Board: George T, Bryan C, Tom C, Ben M; Dave T

Management; Eydie L, Michael L of MyHOA-online

Homeowners: Liz C,

3) Approve BoD Meeting Minutes from October 14th 2020;

  • Approved via email; all agreed, vote to ratify, minutes ratified;

4) Financial Review October statement, Ben:

  • Discussion: Eydie: layout of financial statement to be simple to view with appropriate comparisons; myHoa submitted a proposed to George to review; Eydie displayed and reviewed it at meeting; all agreed the layout is much improved, approved the layout; Eydie will prepare this monthly and it will be available on the myhoa site for homeowners to see. George will email Board members this draft version after the meeting this evening
  • Income/Dues delinquencies
    • two past due homeowners; notices have and will be sent;
  • Expenses: operating expenses are within budget for the month of October and year to date; no anomalies in October;
  • Reserves: funded as budgeted for the month and year to date; Balance year to date: $57,867.00
5) Old Business
  • Tom: Activity by cul-de-sac next to big lake, Tom drafted letter requesting support from city; will send final draft to board for approval before sending to city;
  • Tom, Bryan, George: Looked at the shoreline erosion on small lake, discussed bid to continue rock to the swale; Bryan follow up on bids;
  • Pickle Ball court lines, review bids; 2nd bid received, $975 for three courts, first bid was $1500 for two; will look at the project in the spring when the weather improves; discussed type of paint to be used for endurance purposes;
  • Financial statement content and layout: discussed above in Financial review section;
  • Winterize sprinklers and big lake fountain pump: George and Tom to get together and take care of it; Tom will also talk to Earthworks to see if they can do the sprinklers at the front of the neighborhood;
  • Remove Mike T from Edward Jones account: Ben will take care of it now that minutes are ratified with new officers;
  • City to be notified of tree removal in green belt behind lots 5&6: Ben notified city in writing, will add document to the issue system;
  • Issue #11094 request to evaluate tree in green belt for removal, board responded to homeowner via email; motion to vote to close issue: seconded, all voted to close issue;
  • Issue #10863 regarding landscape project responded to and closed;

6) New Business

  • Issue #11234 regarding top of tree that broke off in green belt during the last windstorm; it's in the green belt, doesn't look like it will hit anything if it continues falling after two board members looked at it; Dave will go and take a look at it for another opinion;
  • George: Reserve Study review and recommended changes and corrections emailed to board members; next steps: vote to approve changes;
  • Tom will meet with Earthworks regarding removing blackberries by lot 81 on small lake;
  • George to send Eydie information and published guidelines regarding boat and RV storage;
  • Eydie: voting report for 2020 10/15/20-11/11/20 reviewed, needs to be ratified: motion to approve, seconded, vote passed, ratified; needs to be on the agenda every month going forward;

7) Next BoD Meeting: Wednesday December 9th; 6:30pm executive session, 7pm general session;

8) Motion to Adjourn Regular Meeting; meeting adjourned


The Lake at Winterwood Voting Results Report - 2020-10-15 to 2020-11-11

Issue ID Date Voted Issue Title
10881 10/15/2020 ACC To Change Garage Door Style And Color
9674 10/27/2020 Deck Addition--Re-Vote On Smaller Version Of Original Plan
11185 10/28/2020 Late Charge From 2018 Waiver Requested
11234 11/3/2020 Tree Damaged In Windstorm--Owner Requesting Permission To Remove Broken Top
11240 11/6/2020 Vote To Approve 10/14/20 Meeting Minutes-General Session
11249 11/9/2020 Nov 11 2020 Meeting Agenda For Review And Feedback