LWW Board Meeting Minutes
Date: October 14, 2020
Location: Virtual, online

General Session Attendees: Board: George T, Bryan C, Tom C, Ben M, Dave C; Eydie L
Homeowners: Tim M, Jerry D, Tiffany L, Mike T, 

General Session:

  • Review/Approve September meeting minutes
    • Approved/Ratified August meeting minutes by 3 of 5 board members
    • Approved/Ratified issues voted on outside of a board meeting, 3 of 5 board members approved, posted below
    • September meeting minutes approved by 5 of 5 board members

  • Confirmed board positions: Voted and Approved as follows:
    • President: George Tantzen, Secretary: Bryan Collins, Treasurer: Ben Mahaney, Maintenance VP: Tom Chase, Vice President: Dave Chavez.

  • Issues reviewed during executive session:
    • Issue #11094; homeowner request to investigate and possibly remove a tree in the green belt, board members will meet tomorrow, look at the tree and determine next steps;
    • Issue #10863 homeowner concerns about ACC project approved by the board discussed, approved draft response, George to send draft to board via email next week for approval;
    • Issue #8409 regarding tree that fell on white vinyl fence along 180th ave se; after discussion, motion to take no further action and close the issue made, seconded, voted and passed unanimously;
    • Discussed issue of erosion on small lake, George, Tom and Bryan will meet at lake tomorrow to look at the matter and determine next steps;
    • Jerry D: Paint Pickle ball court lines; Cascade Sports bid: $750ea x 2 courts. Discussed resealing/surfacing the whole court for $7k+; Ben mentioned it’s not budgeted in 2020, will consider this for a future project; painting lines for pickle ball courts was approved by the board in Aug. board to budget in 2021 for $1500; Jerry will pursue a second bid also suggested waiting until spring to paint;
    • Reviewed open violations, most have been corrected and issues closed.

  • Financial Review
    • Review September statement: Eydie/Ben:
    • 4 homeowners late on dues payments, notices have been sent;
    • Sept expenses over budget by $3k;  $1,000 pest removal at big lake, other expenses not budgeted in September but in line year to date; Tree removal expense continues to be over year to date due an increase in trees removed this year. Water continues to be over year to date due to leak earlier in the year;
    • year to date actual expenses at the end of expense of column on the P&L and the summary do not match due to some pass-through expenses due to transferring our bookkeeping to MyHOA-online from Oliveira CPA.
    • Year to Date Reserve total in the summary doesn’t match the total on the Profit and Loss Statement; Eydie to follow up.
    • Will research improving interest amount in investment account; Ben to follow up.
    • Mike T asked to have his name removed from the Edward Jones account; Ben to follow up.

  • Requests for Approval:
    • Garage door, need clarification from homeowner, once received issue will be resent to board for approval.

  • Maintenance Projects:
    • Fallen Tree SW side of big lake, removed by neighbor volunteers, thanks George for coordinating, and thanks to all the volunteers who helped.
    • Tom: Yellow no trespass Signs around lakes: question whether to keep them in place? A bit of an eye sore? After discussion, decision to keep in place, believe they have been effective;
    • Tom: Pump House Door has been painted was painted by Tom, issue closed;
    • George: neighbor Sue K replanted winter plants at front entrance sign, thanks to Sue, it looks great.
    • Need to winterize sprinkler lines at front of neighborhood, fountain at big lake; Tom and George to follow up.

  • New Business:
    • Discussed homeowner’s letter to board regarding activity at end of cul-de-sac by big lake: Tom will write draft of concerns and possible solutions and email to board for approval to submit to the city for consideration; George will cut tree branches blocking no parking signs from view;
    • Halloween: note from homeowner seeking guidance on trick or treating:  Board/HOA doesn’t regulate Halloween, homeowners can participate as they choose, recommend following guidelines for distancing, masks, if you do participate; George to write draft response to homeowner;
    • Ben: reviewed Trespass tracking system, developed a log with vehicle, license plates, description of trespassers, behavior, etc idea to discover repeat trespassers and report those to the police; also the goal is to not to approach the known belligerent trespassers, report them to the police instead; Eydie will post list to our website home page so board members can access;
    • How to handle executive session next time; two separate meeting logins, 6:30 and 7pm; executive session to be held before general session, this way issues discussed can be voted on during the general session that follow.

Date for next meeting: Nov 11th 6:30pm executive session, 7pm general session.

Voting Results Report - 2020-01-01 to 2020-10-14
Issue ID Date Voted Issue Title
7243 1/3/2020 2020 Budget Review And Board Vote To Approve The Budget
7184 1/9/2020 Shake Roof On Shed Does Not Match Home--Extension Requested
7259 1/15/2020 Landscape Remodel
7324 1/27/2020 Vote To Approve Dec BOD Meeting Minutes
7333 2/3/2020 Insurance Review--Vote On Change Of Insurance
7322 2/21/2020 Spring Cleaning Card Example
7323 2/22/2020 Review Of Meeting Minutes From Budget And BOD Meeting 012220
7343 2/22/2020 Updated LWW Maintenance Manual Draft For Approval
8385 2/26/2020 Restitution Request Decision
8394 3/2/2020 Draft Feb BOD Minutes For Review And Comment
8455 3/3/2020 Vote To Open Up Incomplete Site For Registration
9479 3/19/2020 March 2020 Draft Minutes Approved
9500 3/25/2020 Paint Color Change Request--Xld--Requesting New Colors In New Request
9556 4/6/2020 Request To Add Tape To Court For Pickle Ball Court
9526 4/6/2020 April 2020 Proposed Agenda
9568 4/14/2020 Revised Paint Color Change Acc
9585 4/19/2020 Tow Company Selection
9591 4/20/2020 Proposed Process To Notify Owners Of Account Balances
9566 4/24/2020 Fish Stocking Date For 2020
9566 4/24/2020 Fish Stocking Date For 2020
9673 4/29/2020 Fence Replacement
9575 5/4/2020 April 8 2020 Meeting Minutes For Board Review
9674 5/4/2020 Deck Addition--Re-Vote On Smaller Version Of Original Plan
9769 5/11/2020 ACC Shed Request
9799 5/13/2020 Non Resident Use Of Amenities
9821 5/14/2020 Alteration To Front Gates While Repairing Them
9851 5/22/2020 Investment Research And Options With Edward Jones
9879 5/26/2020 May Minutes For Review
10010 6/8/2020 Deck Material Change Request
9989 6/8/2020 ACC For Gazebo
8409 6/11/2020 Tree Down Across Split Rail Fence At Entrance
10079 6/14/2020 Acc Fence Request Prior To Move In
10083 6/16/2020 June Meeting Minutes For Review And Approval
10079 6/18/2020 Acc Fence Request Prior To Move In
10014 6/29/2020 Front And Backyard Remodels Including Retaining Walls And Shed
9851 7/2/2020 Investment Research And Options With Edward Jones
8476 7/3/2020 Reserve Study 2020
8476 7/3/2020 Reserve Study 2020
10158 7/6/2020 Nuisance Tree Hazard
10331 7/7/2020 Garage Sale Email Verbiage--Cancellation Elected
10333 7/8/2020 July 2020 Bod Proposed Agenda
10053 7/8/2020 Nutria And Rip Rap Maintenance Inquiry
9851 7/10/2020 Investment Research And Options With Edward Jones
10032 7/13/2020 Fish Stocking Causing Trespass Letter
10352 7/13/2020 Gazebo Acc Request
10408 7/16/2020 July Meeting Minutes To Review And Approve Reg And Exec Sessions
9999 7/20/2020 Parking Across The Street And Fishing Complaint
10493 7/20/2020 Paint Color Change Request
10492 7/21/2020 Fence Stain Color Change
10491 7/21/2020 Fence Stain Color Change
10415 7/27/2020 Small Lake Maintenance Request
10521 7/28/2020 Acc Fence Request Prior To Move In
10503 7/28/2020 Permission To Put Event Flyers Into The Kiosks
10611 8/11/2020 Proposed Aug Meeting Agenda Review
10353 8/12/2020 Late Fee Waiver Reuest
9799 8/18/2020 Non Resident Use Of Amenities
10664 8/21/2020 Aug 2020 BOD Meeting Minutes For Review
10588 8/24/2020 Paint Color Change Request
10691 8/24/2020 2019 Tax Year Audit For Board Approval
10763 9/3/2020 Backyard Additions, Patio, Gazebo, Spa And Water Feature
10741 9/3/2020 Paint Color Change Request
10496 9/3/2020 Request To Paint Pickle Ball Lines On Court
10833 9/8/2020 Tree Removal Request--Front Yard
10853 9/10/2020 Sept 2 2020 Annual And Board Meeting Minutes For Approval
10814 9/22/2020 Fence Acc Request
10904 9/22/2020 Garage Door Style Change And Paint Delay
11042 10/7/2020 Door Paint Color Change And Repaint House Same Colors
11050 10/12/2020 Paint Color Change Request