The Lake at Winterwood Annual and Board Meeting Minutes
Date: Wednesday, Sept 2nd, 2020
Time: 1930
Location: Virtual Meeting via Webex
Attendance and verification of quorum.  Quorum obtained.
  • 15 Homeowners in attendance to include all five board members (count to be verified/updated by MyHOA meeting participant list)

  • 8 Proxies rendered
Reading of Budget Meeting minutes from 22Jan20 – ratified.
President Report – Michael Thomas
  • Transition to MyHOA conducted/completed. Special thanks to previous board members George Tantzen and Bryan Collins for their assistance during this process. 75 homeowners to date have registered on the website.

  • Major Activities:
    • Reserve Study was conducted by Cedcore. Results indicated that with a modest increase of allocation to the fund it could be brought up to 100% fully funded.  Board voted to increase the allocation and did so without impacting homeowner dues.

    • Due to the pandemic many annual activities were cancelled to include the spring cleanup, neighborhood garage sale, and the neighborhood night out event.

    • The pandemic also caused a dramatic increase in non-resident traffic to our private neighborhood amenities.  A neighborhood survey was conducted to determine if we should stock the lake with fish next year.  Our neighbors voted that we should not stock in 2021.
Vice President Report – Dave Chavez
  • Updates and Activities:
    • Overview of Board member changes and subsequent changes in role assignments

    • Renewal of landscape contract – two-year period of performance

    • Additional signage was purchased and installed in the attempt to decrease non-resident traffic

    • The Board met with the City of Covington officials and police chief to determine roles and responsibilities, and process for trespass violations.
Vice President of Maintenance Report – Tom Chase
  • Major accomplishments:
    • Fountain maintenance in both lakes

    • Pump house maintenance

    • Lake treatments

    • Graffiti cleanup

    • Power washing of entrance fence

    • Lake signage

    • Muskrat abatement 
Treasurer Report – Ben Mahaney
  • Budget performance to date.  A few areas were over/under projections.  Tree removal and water ran over budget projections due to diseased trees and a water leak in the entrance sprinkler system. However, those unexpected increases were offset by a savings achieved with switching Liability Insurance providers.

  • 2021 Budget Overview
    • Reserve Study results overview to explain slight increase in that fund allocation in 2021

    • Increase to tree removal expense line item

    • Sports court painting new line item

    • Removal of expense in 2021 for fish stocking

    • Financial audit – Board elected to conduct an audit in 2021 due to change in HOA management.

  • Vote taken and the 2021 budget was ratified
Manager Report – MyHOA – Eydie Leighty
  • Records obtained by previous CPA and twenty years of accounts payable entries have been completed.

  • Overview of the financial section of the MyHOA website and what is accessible to the homeowners.
Board Elections
  • No homeowners expressed an interest to join the Board prior to the annual meeting

  • Elections from the floor – George Tantzen and Bryan Collins were voted onto the Board.
Annual Meeting adjourned at approximately 2035.
The Lake at Winterwood Board of Directors Monthly Meeting Minutes

Date: Wednesday, Sept 2nd, 2020 
Time: 1930 Location: Virtual Meeting via Webex
Board Members in attendance: Dave Chavez, Tom Chase, Ben Mahaney, George Tantzen, Bryan Collins
Guests in Attendance: Michael and Eydie Leighty, Michael Thomas, Leesa Sippel
  • Motion to ratify the August 2020 meeting minutes – ratified

  • Tentative assignment of officers
    • President – George Tantzen

    • Vice President – Dave Chavez

    • VP of Maintenance – Tom Chase

    • Treasurer – Ben Mahaney

    • Secretary – Bryan Collins

  • Next board meeting will be held 14Oct20.  Executive session scheduled to begin at 1830, general session at 1900.  Meeting will be held virtually via Webex.