LWW Board Meeting Minutes
Date: Wednesday, August 12th, 2020


Regular Session:

Start time: 1836 / 6:36 PM

Location:  Webex Meeting number: 126 414 7039


  • Board members: Pres. Mike Thomas, VP Dave Chavez, VP-Maintenance Tom Chase, Treasurer Ben Mahaney
  • Guests: Eydie and Michael Leighty, MyHOA-Online

July meeting minutes approval/ratification - Reference: Issue 10408

  • July minutes ratified

Financial Review - Ben Mahaney and Eydie Leighty

MyHOA continues to work through reconciliation of historical LWW financial data received from the previous accounting firm.  Data from 1994 through 2019 of ~ 37,000 entries is now complete.  Loading of monthly expenses for 2020 is in work and should be completed prior to the Annual Meeting.

  • 2020 Performance to Budget: expenses to-date have been under running the plan

  • Owner Balance Report: Five properties have accounts in arrears.  Notices will be sent per process 

  • Audit status update:  Eydie said that the draft audit report should be available soon.  She will forward it to the Board members when she receives it.

  • FY20/21 Budget planning process and moving to an approved budget prior to annual meeting: Ben Mahaney presented the draft budget for discussion.  Most items will continue as budgeted in the previous cycle.  Following discussion and changes for the following details the Board approved the draft budget for presentation for ratification to the community at the 2020 annual meeting:
    • HOA insurance costs will be reduced by approximately 60% due to a change in vendor with the savings rolled into an increase in the projected tree removal allocation.

    • Based on results of a survey of the community, fish stocking will be suspended for at least the next year.  Savings of $1,300

    • The Board voted to approve a request to paint the stripes for two pickleball courts on the sports court surface.  This money will come from the cancellation of the fish stocking.

  • Issue 10353 – Request to waive fees: approved


  • 10419 – Driveway post light: this light has not been fixed, follow up notice to be sent.

  • 9802 – Yard maintenance: issue still in work.  Detail listing of remaining landscaping requirements to be prepared and provided to the homeowner.

  • 10407 – Ditch weeds:  further action suspended pending LWW maintenance decision

  • 10499 – Yard and ditch maintenance: maintenance completed, issue closed

Improvement Requests

  • 10588 – House paint – pending homeowner clarification: homeowner was asked for clarification of specific color choices for the work, no response received.  MyHOA to follow up.
Maintenance Update – Tom Chase
  • 10030 - Covington Stormwater Inspection - results of walkthrough and next steps to obtain quotes for areas to be addressed: Areas called out in the 2019 Covington Stormwater Inspection report at the NE end of the small lake do not appear to need attention as indicated.  The Board did discuss excessive vegetation along the N and NE shoe of the big lake.  Earthworks Landscaping will be contacted to discuss a bid to address this growth as well as some at the small lake.  Bids from additional vendors will also be sought

  • 10053 – Status update on muskrats – end results/totals: 5 muskrats have been captured by the professional service hired by LWW since start of the 30-day contract on 7/18.  One known muskrat remains, and traps will be in place until contract expiration on 8/18.

  • Pumphouse projects –door refurbishment: not yet started

  • Landscaping contractor – beach maintenance: complete

Old Business / Deferred Items

  • 9999 - Non-resident use of private facilities and areas
    • Outcomes and next steps from City officials meeting; a recount of the of the meeting with Covington City Manager Regan Bolli and Police Chief Andrew McCurdy.  An agreement on method for trespassing non-resident visitors was reached.  It was suggested by the City that LWW develop their own version of a Trespass Notice like what the Covington Police use.
    • Signage: Four additional “Parks and Lakes for Residents Only” signs have been placed at the big and small lakes

  • Fish Stocking – Vote totals for determination prior to annual meeting so budget is reflected: Board voted to suspend fish stocking for 2021.

  • Will be an annual decision going forward.

  • 10089 – Street tree removal: further discussion on hold until the Covington city arborist can visit the neighborhood to advise on handling of street trees in the neighborhood

  • 10406 – Weeds in ditch – homeowner letter to City: further action suspended pending LWW maintenance decision

  • 8409 – Tree damage to entrance split rail fence: deferred to the next regular Board meeting and full attendance of the Board

  • 7356 – Bollard installation: Research cost of installation at sport court: we have had no luck getting bids to do the work.  Non-resident traffic has slowed substantially.  Not currently a priority, Issue deferred

  • 9799 (reopened) – Non-resident use of amenities: this issue was closed without sending the notice to management of Winterwood Estates.  It appears that a majority of those non-residents visiting the LWW parks are residents of Winterwood Estates who are not aware we are separate neighborhoods.  The notice will be completed and sent to the Winterwood Estates HOA.

  • Annual Meeting – 02Sep2020 – Venue / Budget / Letter & package approval: minor adjustments were made to the annual meeting agenda.  The package and draft budget for 2020-21 were approved by the Board.  Package to be mailed to homeowners on or about 8/14.

  • Storage of recreational vehicles – there are several homeowners that continue to keep them in driveways for extended periods of time.  Clearly as storage, not as staging/cleaning:  all recent violation notices for storage of vehicles have been addressed.

New Business

  • 10496 – Paint pickleball lines on court: approved