July 8th, 2020

LWW Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Location:  Virtual via Webex

Board Members in Attendance: Michael Thomas, Ben Mahaney, Dave Chavez, Tom Chase, Leesa Sippel

Guests:  Eydie and Michael Leighty; Dwight Motz; Lou and George Tanzen; Liz and Brian Collins

Regular Meeting Start Time: 1830

v  Discussion on violation process and enforcement as requested by Dwight Motz.  

Ø  Dwight had provided multiple violation concerns he has observed.  Garbage can storage / ditch maintenance / non-moving vehicles in driveways / shed roofing / fence signage / encroachment of greenbelt / RV storage. Many of these items had already been addressed by the Board through the violation process. 

Ø  Discussion regarding CCRs and putting definitive language around the storage of recreational vehicles. 


v  June meeting minutes ratified


v  Financial Review – Eydie and Ben

Ø  Performance to Budget:  Tree removal line item running higher YTD than projected.  Question regarding Escrow transfer fee – MyHOA explained this was associated w/ the sale of a property and an adjusting entry was required to post the fee to the correct account.

Ø  Owner Balance Report:  Currently nine accounts with a balance > $75.  Details were not discussed due to privacy issues w/ multiple guests in attendance. 

Ø  8476: Version 3 of the Reserve Study report has been accepted by the Board.

Ø  9851 Reserve Fund Investment: Board agreed that a vote was not required if investment fund name changed.  If fund type is changed, then Board approval vote required.

Ø  Audit Status Update: There are still invoices outstanding from Oliveira, MyHOA working w/ them to obtain.  Per the audit it was found that legacy CPA did not make two reserve fund transfers. MyHOA transferred two catchup transfers from the Operating account to the Reserve account. Going forward meeting minutes shall include Board approved vendor selection and dollar amount to document decision.  Ben to sign engagement letter as part of audit process/documentation.

Ø  Michael L. will be signing and mailing in the 1120H once board approves the audit and accompanying materials

Ø  MyHOA is still in the process of working through all the accounting data provided by Oliveira and are close to completing all the adjusting entries which will fully update and balance the general ledger back to 1994.


v  Review of Issues

Ø  Violations (not discussed in detail due to privacy concerns / multiple guests in attendance).

§  10328 – Recreational vehicle in driveway – postcard sent.

§  10034 – Multiple non-moving cars in driveway – closing issue.

§  10031 – Yard maintenance – homeowner has addressed – closing issue.

§  10033 – Garbage cans not stored out of sight – follow up required.

Ø  Improvement Requests

§  10158 – Tree removal behind lots 5 and 6.  Bids received. Board approved P&D quote in the amount of $3800 including tax.  This prompted a discussion that the Board may want to hire an arborist to walk through the greenbelt areas to access diseased and dead trees.  This could prepare for fall/winter storms and assist with FY21 budget formulation.

§  10079 – Fence installation approved via email.  Formally approved in system.


v  Maintenance Update

Ø  10030: Covington Stormwater Inspection update.  Report posted to the website and reviewed by board members.  Board walk thru to be conducted later this week and course of action will be set.

Ø  10053: Muskrats have taken up residence at the lake.  Quote received from Critter Control in the amount of $1099.00 plus tax was ratified/approved during the meeting.

Ø  Pumphouse projects – sheetrock removal and door replacement. Tom has removed the sheetrock.  Tom will also look at refacing the door and painting w/ spare paint stored in the pumphouse once weather permits.

Ø  10078: Small lake fountain run time.  It was communicated that Tom would assume maintenance responsibilities.  Dwight requested clarification for why new run times were established.  Tom explained that he had been advised by aquatic vendor that running the fountain all day would have no impact on algae growth.  Issue to be closed.

Ø  Landscaping contractor performance update. Most issues were addressed, and non-weekly maintenance schedule shared.

Ø  Mike has observed that the shoulder of the road going up towards the cul de sac needs weeding.  He and Elizabeth have volunteered to perform that cleanup later in the week.


v  Old Business/ Deferred Business

Ø  9999 - Non-resident use of private facilities and areas

§  Trespassing - Chief of Police email regarding HOA trespass authority.  Discussion regarding next steps.  Brian Collins reminded the Board that the Police has already set a precedence by citing four trespassers last year during National Night Out event.  The Board will continue to seek clarifications and will request a meeting w/ the Mayor, City Manager, Chief of Police, and City Attorney.  Additional signage was also discussed as a way to deter non-resident visitors. Possibly temporarily reuse 4th of July signage, and procure new signs for long term solution.

Ø  10032:  Fish Stocking.  Eydie to finalize edits to the drafted letter and send out to all homeowners for feedback on issue.

Ø  7356 – Line Dancing classes.  Board voted to not approve this recurring activity by non-residents.

Ø  7356  - Bollard installation. Mike and Tom to obtain vendor pricing. Not only will parts and labor be required to install them, but re-asphalting will also be required.  

Ø  Logistics for Annual Meeting to be held 02Sep20.  City of Covington is currently not taking reservations for their community meeting rooms.  Board to look for alternative venue, or possibly conduct via Webex.  MyHOA to begin drafting the notification letter and putting the meeting package together.


v  New Business

Ø  10089 – Tree removal approval process.  Discussed at length with input from guests in attendance.  Outcome of discussion was an agreement to reach out to the City of Covington to seek clarification and guidance on tree ordinance.  Topic will be on next month’s agenda for continuation of discussion.

Ø  10331 – Garbage being put in other neighbor’s cans.  Addressed and issue can be closed.

Ø  10329 – Street light inspections.  Board to include in their typical surveillance as daylight hours diminish.  Issue can be closed.

Ø  10105 – Private vs shared email addresses for Board members.  This was discussed and determined that only one Board member impacted.  Change is already in effect. Issue can be closed.


Next Meeting:  August 12th, 2020. Start time is 1830 and will be held virtually