Welcome to the Lake at Winterwood Community Organization Website!
Our mission is to bring the community together by providing a central location that accumulates all the knowledge of the association, act as a medium of communication between the home owners and the board of directors and to conduct the business of the association as defined by it's bylaws and CC&Rs.
Association Meetings
2021-09-01 New BoD Meeting
New BoD meeting after Annual Meeting ...more
2021-06-09 BOD General Session Meeting Minutes
June 9th, 2021 General Sessions Minutes ...more
2021-05-12 BOD General Session Meeting Minutes
May 12th, 2021 General Sessions Minutes ...more
2021-04-14 -BOD Meeting Minutes
April 14 2021 BOD Meeting Minutes ...more
2021-03-10 BoD General Meeting
Board of Directors General Meeting Minutes 3/10/21 ...more
2021-02-10 BoD General Meeting
Board of Directors General Meeting Minutes 2/10/21 ...more
2020-12-09 Bod General Meeting
General Session Meeting Minutes 2020-12-09 ...more
2020-11-11 BoD Meeting Minutes
Meeting minutes general session 11/11/20 ...more
2020-10-14-BOD Meeting Minutes
2020-10-14 BOD Meeting Minutes ...more
2020-09-02-Annual and BOD Meeting Minutes
2020-09-02 Annual and BOD Meeting Minutes ...more
The Headlines
What is MyHOA-online.com LLC?
MyHOA-online.com LLC is a service designed for HOAs that prefer self-management over more traditional services offered by "old-school" property management companies. We provide the back office support to help your operations run smoothly with unprecedented transparency and accountability. Learn more about what we can do for your HOA as customers of the MyHOA-online.com LLC network! ...more
Monthly Board of Directors Meetings Are Held The 2nd Monday of Each Month
Monthly Board meetings are being held the 2nd Monday at Board members homes, see the newsletter for monthly details ...more
Announcing Online Payment With PayPal
Now available to all MyHOA-online.com LLC HOAs. You can now pay your HOA dues or payoff an existing balance with your credit card by using PayPal, the industry leader in online payments. ...more
City of Covington Issued COVID-19 Materials
The documents in this HOA website article were sent to the HOA from the city to assist Covington residents with COVID-19 practices and directives. ...more
Registration Is Now Open!
We understand everyone is excited to access the new HOA site and we are sorry for the unexpected delays. We have loaded your personal account data back to the date you purchased your home or 1994, whichever is earlier. Due to the format of the data received we are unable to verify account balances are accurate at this point, however we do not want to delay your use of the site any longer so have opened for registration. ...more
New In The Archives
Rules and Regulations for Lake at Winterwood
The Rules and Regulations as adopted by the Lake at Winterwood Board of Directors on 9/5/2018. ...more
HOA Assessments, Fees & Fines: The Lake at Winterwood
The delinquency policy, fine policy, and schedules for fees and fines for the Lake at Winterwood Community Organization. ...more
Articles of Incorporation of The Lake at Winterwood Homeowners Association
The Articles of Incorporation for the The Lake at Winterwood Homeowners Association. ...more
CC&R ARTICLE H: Amendment
CC&R ARTICLE G: Application and Enforcement
CC&R ARTICLE F: Maintenance of Facilities